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Article 1. Definitions

The terms of this agreement are defined as follows:

  • Stage-USA: Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Applicant: Any person who fills out a Stage-USA application and has an interview with a Stage-USA representative. This person is free of any obligations up until the point of paying the deposit (post interview)
  • Participant: Any person to whom Stage-USA provides its service, or any person with whom Stage-USA has an agreement or with whom Stage-USA is in negotiation of an agreement
  • Program: The service which the participant applies for (Short Training Program)
  • Position: The tasks and description of the program of the host company provided to the participant by Stage-USA
  • Host company: The business located abroad where the participant potentially participates in the program
  • Agreement: Any arrangement made between Stage-USA and the participant or any change that follows

Article 2. Obligations of Stage-USA

Stage-USA is obligated to provide the services that are sold.

Article 3. Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions: One or more terms developed in order to include a number of agreements, with the exception of terms that form the core of the common language.

The one taking part in a Stage-USA program, called the participant, must agree to the general conditions or they must make it clear if something in the agreement is unknown. The participant agrees to these terms upon payment of the deposit.

Article 4. Give the approval of the Terms & Conditions

Filling out the application form is free of obligations.  After filling out the application form, applicant can have an obligation-free interview with a Stage-USA representative. Stage-USA and the applicant may come to an agreement during this interview. After possibly coming to an agreement about a program during the interview, the applicant has the option to pay the deposit. By paying the deposit, applicant agrees to the terms and conditions and becomes a participant.

Article 5. Flight and Visa

If there is any change in the flight to the destination, Stage-USA is not responsible. If the participant is not present on the start date of his or her program, or if the host company cancels the program, Stage-USA is not responsible. The participant has the option of having Stage-USA look for a new program for an additional fee.

Article 6. Housing

Housing will be arranged by the participant together with Stage-USA if needed. Placement at a host family in the US is included in the price. If the participant chooses to arrange other housing Stage-USA will provide a guide and assistance in finding a suitable place. On the website, Stage-USA provides housing price estimates. These estimates can fluctuate depending on the season, the value of the dollar, the length of the program, and the location of the program.

Article 7. Being fired

Stage-USA is not liable for the results of the participant during the program period at the host company. If the participant gets fired due to the fault of the participant, Stage-USA can find another program placement and charge a full placement fee. 

Article 8. Application, Placement & Payments

Article 8a: The filling out of the application form by the applicant on the Stage-USA website is free of obligation. The applicant will be contacted after filling out the application form to set up an intake interview. During this interview, the applicant will discuss his or her internship needs and come to an agreement with the Stage-USA representative. If the applicant wishes to continue using the services of Stage-USA, he or she will then pay the deposit and sign the Program Agreement. Paying the deposit and signing the Program Agreement also means agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Stage-USA. The applicant will not be charged for the deposit until he or she agrees to continue using the services of Stage-USA. The deposit is €450.

Article 8b: The participant has the opportunity to provide a detailed description of their program wishes during the intake with Stage-USA. This will be the only option for the participant to provide this information. Based on this information the participant will be placed at a company in the US. If the participant decides to adjust their needs after signing the Program Agreement but before placement they will pay an additional fee of €80. If the participant turns down the company after the placement a fee of €300,- will apply.

Article 8c: The participant will be charged the remaining placement fee when placed at a company.

Article 8d: The following additional fees apply to the situations below:

1. Participants withdraw from the program/cancel the application for any reason:

  • The deposit will not be refunded (before being placed at a company)
  • The Full program feel will be charged (after being placed at a company)

2. Participant wants to change the placement needs:

  • €90 before being placed (any changes made by the participant during the placement process)
  • €300 after placement but before approval from the candidate
  • No refund after placement after approval from the candidate

3. If the participant turns down a placement due to non related job agreement (e.g. popularity of the company, company size, nature of industry, location) the program will be canceled and a cancellation fee of €300 will apply.

4. Late application fee: Less than 6 weeks prior to requested arrival: €300

5. Placement HOLD: Should the participant need more than 30 days to delay his/her program, he/she will need to reapply to the program and pay €350 reinstatement fee. The original placement will be void and a new placement process will begin again.

6. Non Notification and Incomplete Information:

  • Failure to notify Stage-USA of duration or itinerary change €70,-
  • Failure to notify Stage-USA of flight information or submission of incomplete information. (if flight information is provided later than 10 days prior to my departure to the USA). €70 

7. Location: The participant can express a location of preference, however no guarantees can be made. The participant can be placed at any location in the US. Turning down a placement due to the location will result in canceling the program and pay a fee of €300

Article 9. Program Duration

The duration option for the Short Training Program 1-3 months

Article 10. Placement duration

The placement process will take approximately 12 weeks