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Operations - Tour Operator


This tour operator continues to offer the industry's leading product line of Visit USA programs, discovering new destinations and finding the ideal tour selection for both first-time as well as for repeat visitors.

The have many classic tours, but they frequently add tours with new locations.

Tasks and responsibilities
The traineeship involves mostly in-office duties such as reservation management, tour package operation, customer service, liaison with vendors and suppliers, etc. 

  • Dealing with tour product requests
  • Being responsible for Reservations Management
  • Arranging, operating and delivering the service
  • Handling Tour package operations
  • Carrying out customer service
  • Working on liaison with vendors and suppliers
  • Working with the in-house tour management computer systems
  • Participating in a practical training program
  • Handling post-tour feedback

The tour operator will supply complimentary hotel accommodation for up to 5 nights! This generally allows a trainee the opportunity to find an apartment or a roommate in the area. A major bus terminal is located in proximity to the office, which facilitates transportation needs.