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Internship Weronika


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December 30, 2016 I have had an absolutely amazing time, I didn't have any troubles adjusting to a culture of the country I lived in, nor to the company I worked for. I was lucky to get to know really nice people that I could share American experience with and have unforgettable adventures! Most importantly, working for my host company gave me very good insights into tourism industry and without any doubts I can tell that it was a productive and great quality internship. 

My host company treats its interns very well, as I had an impression that they are put equally to full-time employees. Hence, I was given very responsible tasks that posed a chance to develop myself considerably and this way I learnt a lot.

With Stage-USA everything works great! Possibly there could be more help arranged in regards to finding accommodation to support the intern in their search to avoid anything problematic.

I have had an absolutely amazing time!