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Internship in New York


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05-13-2016: My name is Myrthe and I am interning in a real estate office in New York. When I was younger, the ‘Devil wears Prada’ was one of my favorite movies and I always dreamed of going to New York and being able to work in such a big city. Doing an internship abroad was my first opportunity to go and live my dream. Talking to other people who did an internship abroad and hearing about their experiences made me want to go, too.



From the moment I arrived in New York, I have enjoyed every single minute and I would recommend this experience to everyone! 

My adventure started at the Webster apartments, a great place to live for girls interning or working in the city. The moment I walked into Webster apartments, I met some girls and from there on time passed by so quickly. After a busy week at the office we spent the weekends together. We hung out in parks, we walked around the city all day long and discovered the most beautiful streets of New York. When the weather started getting better we spent time in Central Park and had nice picnics. On a particular Sunday we walked from Greenwich to Soho and enjoyed a nice brunch with all the girls. At night we went out with promoters and discovered New York’s nightlife (such as rooftop parties) and went to some of the city’s best venues.
I also experienced my first American sports game. I went to see the New York Yankees play, which was amazing. Every day I discover a different part of the city. 

What I enjoy most is going to work on the subway and seeing all different kinds of people and I like buying my coffee to go on the way to the office. I spend my day doing various tasks for the office and every day is different. Some days it’s calm and other days I get to spend my time in the office doing all sorts of administrative work.
After work, I usually go home or meet up with some girls in town to have a drink.