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Business Internship in New York


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My internship was everything I hoped it would be, and more. First of all, my host company itself gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about what the market research industry is like, how market research is conducted and -subsequently- how strategic analyses can be performed.

I am very satisfied with the level of support provided by Stage-USA. I always felt welcome to call or e-mail any questions that would arise during the entire past year, which is very important. Also, the questions that I had were answered in a timely and comprehensive manner!

Secondly, working and living in New York City has been unforgettable so far. Of course most clichés turned out to be true. The truly international environment with all its different people from every part of the world who are all eager to be successful in their own way is not only incredibly interesting but also very inspiring to become so yourself. This also led me to apply at Harvard University for the 2015 Summer School. While in Boston, I will go back and forth to NYC a lot to apply for a full-time position there!